Monday, May 18, 2009

Upgrade Included

Last year we bought a freeview receiver with built in hard disk recorder. The concept is excellent. No more worrying about video tape, watch the beginning of a programme while it’s still recording, and stop live television when the ‘phone rings.

There was just one problem. Back in July it decided to cry enough and had to be replaced. The original machine had an 80Gb hard disk and the replacement has 160Gb so we couldn’t grumble.

Except that just recently it locked up and nothing would get it going again. We called the helpline and were told to bring it in for replacement. You can guess where this is going. Yep, the second replacement had a 320Gb hard disk.

Now if only I can get back my lost recordings of last years Tour de France.


1 comment:

Jennysmith said...

Hi John

Gosh my mum would have been broken hearted at losing her Tour de France recordings. You're being very brave, i have to say!

I don't know what you and her see in that thing - all those bloody bikes.

Is that like Sky Plus then? Always wanted one of them. Fed up with farting about with tapes and that.

Love to Marie xxxx