Monday, November 02, 2009

Plastic Man UPDATED

The plastic man hasn't been, but he sent one of his minions today. He wasn't able to say a lot as he's only the monkey and it's the organ grinder who makes the decisions.

He did however say that what Marie needs is to go home and give everything time to heal. We're not complaining about that.

And finally, after 28 hours, the cortisone cream still hasn't arrived.



Jennysmith said...

Did you mention the words Home? Marie must be over the moon at that! And the cream still couldn't arrive - it gets worse.

Love to Marie xxx

Anonymous said...


Shout - very loudly, and refuse to stop - til the cream arribes.


I wonder how many people like me would go private if they could go back in time to an age where the premiums were reasonable...