Sunday, December 02, 2012

All's quiet on the Fulwell front

So what's been happening in the BOGOF household. Not a lot I'm afraid.

I was supposed to go and see the Hand Man for a check up on my wrist following my operation but he cancelled.. I'm re-scheduled to see him on December 12th. He's getting as bad as the Back Man for cancelling appointments.

John took a couple of days off work so we used the day we should have gone to see the Hand Man to go Christmas shopping at the Metro Centre. I found a great present for Sarah, my niece. Every year she gets a cheque and a present, which has to be either silly or unusual. Some of the things she's had include a rubber duck bath radio; a wine box filled with Pringles; a make your own Custard Cream keyring set. As she doesn't read this blog I can tell you what she's getting this year - Christmas pudding juggling balls....

We both had the flu lurgy. I got it first then very kindly passed it onto John. So we didn't disturb each other John had the bed while I had the sofa, and spent some of the time watching cheesy Christmas films on Sky's Christmas movie channel.


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