Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well note

Sorry for the lack of blogs but we've both had the lurgy.

John got it first and spent the best part of four days in bed. He then very kindly passed it onto me – payback time as I gave him the lurgy in November….

He had to make a rare trip to the doctors as his chest wasn’t too good and whenever he moved the room spun so much that he was losing his balance and throwing up !!!!

John was diagnosed with a chest infection and viral labyrinthitis (inner ear infection). The doctor gave some tablets and a sick note for two weeks, but said if he felt well enough he could go back to work before the two weeks was up.

A week into his sick note John felt well enough to go back to work so advised his boss that he would be in the following day. He got an apologetic email from his boss saying unless he got a note from his GP stating he was fit to work, he isn’t allowed to return until his sick note is up. 

His sick note runs out on Wednesday, however he can’t get an appointment to see a doctor, any doctor, until Thursday.

So, although John wants to return to work and his boss wants him to return to work, he can’t until Thursday. Madness !!!!!


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Jennysmith said...

Crazy, isn't it.

There's so much going around at the moment - as you well know!

I hope you're both recovering xx