Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rain rain go away

We had to go to the bank yesterday. Thankfully Natwest open some branches on Saturday's as we can’t get there during the week.

At first we were going to visit the branch in Sunderland city centre as it had been a long time since we’d been into Sunderland. However as rain had been forecasted for Saturday John suggested we go to the bank in the Metro Centre instead.

I don’t know what it was like elsewhere around the country but we had torrential rain during Friday night/Saturday morning.  When we went into the kitchen yesterday morning there was a huge pool of water on one of the work tops. The rain had somehow managed to get in through the kitchen roof tiles, through the two false ceilings then through a gap in the ceiling cladding. 

John managed to find where the water was coming in from so put a huge bowl on top of the kitchen unit to catch the drips.

When we did eventually set off to the Metro Centre the rain had finally eased off. We were just about to join the motorway at Washington when we met a rather long queue of traffic heading north – the way we were going.

As that stretch of the motorway can be a little slippy when wet we just presumed that drivers were being cautious. It appeared not so as the queue of stationary traffic went on and on and on and on well into the distance.

We were fighting time as the bank closed at 1pm so every second counted.  Half an hour later, driving at a snail’s pace, we eventually found the cause of the four mile tailback. A pool of water about a car’s width on the road.....

When we got to the Metro Centre we did a mad slalom Wizzy* dash to the bank only to find out that they had changed their banking hours to 3pm on a Saturday.

Ah well!!!!


*For those new to the blog Wizzy is the name of my wheelchair

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Jennysmith said...

Oh my sweet, yes, the weather's shocking. I expect that Metro Centre was crowded as anything too!

Nothing worse than being stuck in the car in the rain! Can't even see out the window! Hope you're bearing up alright xxx