Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Land at last

So, no blog yesterday because the ship's internet was down. The good news is that we finally arrived somewhere. The sea was too rough and the wind too strong to get ashore in Flam or Gudvangen. Winds of 60mph and waves over 15 feet high beneath leaden skies and temperatures in single figures celsius (call it 50 in farenheit).

Remarkably the ship was very very stable, though some joker asked the Captain if they had to go round tightening bolts afterwards.

And yesterday we were in Alesund and what a difference. Blue skies and the temperature in the mid 70's (I'll use farenheit since Norway isn't in the EU).

We took a look at our neightbour, the Queen Elizabeth which next to our ship is HUGE.

Then we took a walk around town, visiting craft shops and the likes. And after  that it was time to head back for Pimms and lunch on the pool deck.

Today is another day at sea, cruising among the islands and fjiords just south of the arctic circle, which we should cross at about 9pm tonight.

Tomorrow we visit Svolvaer the nmore fjiords.

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