Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back Home

Yes, we’re back from the HBA Autumn Conference in Norwich. As we suspect that Phil, the organiser is a reader, I had better say here and now that everything went very well. I thought that the company at dinner on Saturday night was particularly good.

The only moans I heard were about how hard it is to get to Norwich, and how hard it is to get home again. We consider ourselves lucky that although it took six and a half hours to travel each way, all the time was spent on decent roads at decent speeds, not stuck in traffic.

Now it’s all go for the spring conference in Northampton. I’m organiser this time so it had better be good.

Sadly for 2008, Bognor is Buggered. There are a number of niggles which when added up just mean it won’t work. Cash only at the bars, Friday dinner at 5pm (they’re used to kiddies) and 10 am check out on Sunday being just a few. So we’re off to take a look at the Queens in Leeds. We were there in 2004 and since then they’ve spent £10 million on the place. Provided one or two faults have been rectified we’re fairly confident. 2009 is likely to be back at the Hilton in Blackpool, and after gauging peoples reactions at the weekend we feel even more inclined to try for Prague in 2010.

On the home front we went to B & Q this afternoon. You know why don’t you.

Actually we were very good. We didn’t shout or make unreasonable demands.

They’re sending someone out to take a look and see whether it’s a manufacturing fault.

However, we have no faith whatsoever in that particular model of door (modern maple if you must know) and are likely to hold out for something else. Since the entire kitchen has been decorated to fit in, if they can’t get us something very close, they may need to redecorate the kitchen for us …



Anonymous said...

Prague? Prague? I don't remember being askd abou Prague. Ws I that drunk? ;-) Sounds like a damn fine idea to me, I've thought for while that we ought to be able to get a good deal abroad. Can't you try for somewhre warmer though?

Paul said...

Prague? I can't drive a minibus in Prague! (Different rules about driving licences over there!)

I also enjoyed the company on Saturday night - whoever organised the tables did well ;-)