Saturday, March 08, 2008

Only Three Weeks To Leeds

First of all the important bit. Marie’s mouth is much better and she’s back on solid food.

Other than that it’s been a week of getting conference sorted. We had our final meeting with the Queens (Hotel) two weeks ago and had out meeting with the rest of the team last week-end.

Bookings have gone as well as you might expect, and we’ve had to turn people away because we’ve run out of rooms.

Seminars have been finalised and trips & visits are almost there.

Menu’s are sorted and ready to be printed. So too are place cards and badges. The brochure is almost complete, as is the booking form for Solihull. I think the latter may surprise a few people.

There’s lots of nice things for conference packs hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe. The Dining room is full of folders and notepads.

And next weekend is the famous “printing party”. We’re holding it a week early so nothing gets in the way of Easter and all that chocolate …


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