Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yesterday morning I went to the doctors to get some painkillers for my knee. The pain is getting worse to the point where I simply can’t put up with the discomfort any longer.

I saw a lovely lady doctor, who hasn’t been working at the surgery long, and who must have only been in her twenties. Made me feel so old ! ! !

She’s given me three lots of tablets to take and spent ages explaining in great detail everything there was to know about each tablet, even down to when they were first introduced into the medical world.

To be honest I would have been quite happy if she had just said ‘I’m prescribing you X,Y and Z. Here’s the prescription’.

Don’t get me wrong I was quite happy with the full history of the tablets, but she did bamboozle me a bit, when all I wanted was something to stop the pain.

Given that each prescription item costs £7.10 it was cheaper to buy a pre-paid prescription certificate, especially as I’d only been given a one month supply of tablets, plus the doctor said I had to go back after two weeks for something else if they didn’t work.

I was a little concerned as one of the tablets had a warning on the box saying alcoholic drinks had to be avoided. To my great relief the pharmacist said that I could still drink alcohol but not to excess.

It’s bad enough being in pain, but it would have been too much to go without my wine ! ! !



Jennysmith said...

No, Marie, you've got to have some pleasures in life. Poor thing, i was hopin your knee would be better. bit naive of me.

no, once, a doctor i had was so young, i thought she was a trainee receptionist. i kept asking her when the doctor was going to come!

take care of yourself. at least you've got a nice doctor. can't stand mine! xxxx

Anonymous said...

I've just renewed my prescription pre-pay certificate, it's saved me shedloads over the last year, well worth having!

A lot of my tablets advise avoiding alcohol - I asked my doc about it and he said just treat it as if you've already had two glasses & take it steady. But it only takes two glasses to send me squiffy anyway I thought... ;o)