Monday, June 16, 2014

Hot in Turkey

A new day and a new country, Turkey. We're in Mamaris, which is in truth for the most part a typical Mediterranean seaside resort. Today’s veranda view shows part of the harbour, which is made of of private yachts, charter boats, and two cruise ships, ours and one belonging to Thompson.

The waterfront is well appointed and very clean. We walked along past all the charter boats, offering anything from a three day charter to a two hour booze cruise. The market is another matter. We were told by the local rep that the market was “not as aggressive as Istanbul”. So we won't be going to the one in Istanbul. Most of the shops were selling leather or jewellery, and most were fakes. Some even advertised “Genuine Fake Goods”. And you had to avoid eye contact, because a moments weakness meant you were instantly under pressure to buy. Not a nice place.

We were back on the ship shortly after mid-day, and not long after that it was time for lunch.

So what did we learn today :

Turkey is hot.
Outside of the market Turkish people are very friendly.
The traffic is chaotic.
Petrol costs about 60p per litre.
Germans are not very good at queuing to get on a bus.

More tomorrow,

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