Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We've Arrived !!

Well, it's Wednesday, and we're in SORRENTO. We're actually at anchor in the Bay of Naples, and this is today's Veranda View.

Actually I'm getting a little ahead of the story as when you last heard, we were still at Newcastle airport. Our flight to London was uneventful, if a little delayed. A lot of people missed connections as a result. Fortunately we were flying out to Rome the following day, so apart from having to be up before 5am on Tuesday, we were fine. The flight to Rome was fine, and business class travel is much more relaxing. So is the food. We had the choice of a cooked or continental breakfast. The people in pleb class got a croissant and a drink.

So we got to Rome and wonder of wonders, all three suitcases made it intact. Even Wizzy, Marie's wheelchair was delivered right to the aircraft door. Well done BA, you're getting better. Then there was a slight hitch. When there are a lot of people joining a cruise, a minibus is provided, and when there are a few, a “van” as SilverSea call it, is used. This is a sort of people carrier, usually a boxy Mercedes one. Unfortunately, Marie has difficulty getting in to them, and last time resulted in much pain and loss of dignity. So we had arranged for a proper car, a large one at that. However, unlike the Vauxhall estate used by Station Taxis at the start of our journey, the Mercedes used in Rome couldn't accommodate two people, one Wizzy and three cases. After much trying, the cases were unloaded and out on the bus, and we were driven to the port, a journey of about thirty miles.

Now like most big cities, the port isn't the prettiest place, as you can see.

And as you might expect we arrived well ahead of our luggage. In the end it arrived, and here's one of our cases being loaded on to the ship.

Once we were settled in, everything was just perfect. We had cocktails on the pool deck last night while meeting the entertainment staff, then dinner in the restaurant. Marie had a manicure this morning, and then we had lunch by the pool.

We're staying overnight at Sorrento, so I'll tell you all about the ship next time.


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