Friday, January 16, 2015

Good customer service

Now that John’s retired there's no need for us to do our weekly grocery shop at Morrisons on an evening.

So we've changed it to during the day. There is though one small problem. Morrisons is a no-go area during the day. It’s full of pensioners taking advantage of the store being on the sea front so they use it as a day out; parking is a nightmare and you’re forever having to fight your way around the little old dears slumped over their trolleys as they stop and look at every single item on the shelves.

Thankfully two new large Sainsburys and Tesco’s opened recently so we gave them both a try. Tesco had the edge on Sainsburys so we decided to start shop there.

Just before Christmas we had an encounter with a member of staff from the fruit and veg department who has the honour of being one of the rudest people I have ever met.

I take no prisoners when it comes to bad customer service so it was time to unleash the customer from hell.

A ‘its way out of the envelope’ letter was duly sent to Tesco's CEO – why go to the bottom when you can go to the top....

Early last week I received a reply. They were extremely apologetic; the member of staff in question had been reprimanded for their behaviour and enclosed was £30 gift card.

Yesterday when we were at the checkout the member of staff, along with the fruit and veg manager, came over and they both apologised in person.

Well done Tesco. I have nothing but praise for the way in which they handled my complaint. It’s a pity more business couldn’t follow their example.


PS they've got Easter eggs in all ready!!!!

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