Sunday, January 04, 2015

New Year resolutions – sort of

At this time of year it’s customary to produce a ‘New Year’s resolutions list’. I don’t ‘do’ resolutions so instead here is my wish/want list.

  • Win the Euro lottery. £10m would be nice but anything over £50m would be preferable....
  • Make a start on reading through the massive collection of books I’ve accumulated both in hard copy and on my kindle.
  • Loose some more weight. 10lb lost since July but probably put that back on over Christmas!!!
  • Get back to playing the piano and the clarinet.
  • Spend less time on my computer. I can easily loose an hour just flitting through blogs and pinterest.
  • Get back to my writing. Novel two and the second draft of novel one needs finishing.
  • Finish off the two cross stitch patterns as there’s another nine still to do.
  • Stop neglecting my blogs.
  • Finish off my knitted cable jumper before I start on yet more knitting projects.
  • Finish reading the gigantic stack of magazines that’s been piling up for months. 
  • Spend less time in my sewing room – other rooms in the house are available...
  • Finish off building the four foot model of the Queen Mary II cruise ship.

Looks like I’m in for a busy year !!!!


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