Thursday, January 19, 2017

A new recipe

Because I don’t really like tomatoes (I find them quite sickly) when it comes to things like spaghetti bolognaise and lasagne I tend to stick with the sauces that I know ‘don’t taste of tomatoes’.

When we’re making lasagne I’ll use Dolmio low fat bolognaise sauce and for spaghetti it’s Colman’s spaghetti bolognaise mix.

It was the turn of spaghetti bolognaise for dinner that night so with me as chef de cuisine and John taking the role of sous-chef we prepared dinner.

After taking a couple of mouthfuls I turned to John and commented, “it tastes different today”.

John nodded in agreement.

“I’m not sure I like it”, I said, “there’s something not quite right about it”. 
“Do you think we’ve used sausage casserole mix by mistake”, replied John.

I checked the bin bag and staring straight at me was indeed the empty sausage casserole packet. “At least we know they don’t use the same mix in all their packets”, I said.

I don’t think this new recipe for spaghetti bolognaise will be making it into my cook book….


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