Monday, January 02, 2017

I want….

At this time of year newspapers and magazines have articles about New Year resolutions. I don’t do resolutions – never have – but what I do have though is a ‘want’ list.

After finishing my list I had a look back at previous ‘want’ entries and every list had pretty much the same things on it. Oh dear!!!

It’s written now so I may as well put it up. Below is my 2017 want list.

 I want to…. 

  • ….win the Euro lottery. Over £50m would be ideal but I’m not greedy so £10m would do.
  • ….get through the massive collection of books I’ve accumulated both in hard copy and on my kindle.
  • …. lose some weight and do more exercise.
  • ….. get back to playing the piano and the clarinet.
  • …. get back to my writing. Novel two and the second draft of novel one needs finishing. Plus I’m writing a non-fiction book too.
  • …. finish off the two tiger cross stitch patterns.
  • …. stop neglecting my blogs.
  • …. finish off my knitted cable jumper before I start on yet more knitting projects.
  • …. finish off building the four foot model of the Queen Mary II cruise ship.

I do have a couple more ‘wants’ but they are sewing related so I’ll post them on my sewing blog.

When I report back in six months time will there be any changes to the list? On past form no, but who knows…


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