Thursday, October 27, 2005

Knight Rider

Today I got to drive KITT. Let me explain. One of the folks at work just got his new company car and I had to drive it today. It's a Renault Grand Scenic Grand Something Or Other.

You get in and a sign lights up telling you to insert the smart card. Then another sign lights up telling you to depress the brake pedal and press the Start/Stop button. Then yet another sign tells you the oil pressure is "ok" and by the way it's 18 Celsius and the parking brake is on.

And speaking of parking brake, there isn't one. Just a small button you press when you want the parking brake on. To release it you just drive off. Very weird. Don't fancy trying a hill start.

By the time I'd covered the six miles to the warehouse I was suffering from information overload. It got dark(ish) so the headlights came on. There were a few spots of rain, so the wipers came on. I felt slightly cheated that I had to steer the thing. And all the while these little signs kept lighting up.

The owner tells me that it used to be worse, until he figured out how to turn off all the audible signals too.

I've decided I don't like Knight Rider.


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