Sunday, October 30, 2005

New neighbours part 2

Our new neighbours seem to be having fun destroying their new home. Yesterday it was the kitchen and today the bathroom.

There is one thing that causing us a little bit of concern with the new neighbours. It’s not being woken up at 9.15 on a Sunday morning to the sound of banging when you have a hangover – it’s their car.

We have a phantom door bell which plays the Westminster Chimes of what originally appeared to be for no good reason, especially very late at night (3am….) when there is no one at the door. Scary ! ! ! !

We eventually found the culprit – car alarm remotes. Those of you who were at John’s party will remember what happened when the Kings locked their car, the door bell bust into life.

It seems that the new neighbours car is setting off the door bell. Fortunately the door bell plays a different tune when it’s been rung for real so we know when to answer the door or not.

We also had a slight panic a couple of weeks ago when the door bell kept going off. After the seventh time in succession it was getting on our nerves as there were no cars in sight.

We then noticed that Kevin, the neighbour over the road was installing a new door bell. Every time he pressed his bell to see if it worked, ours went off….

I’m pleased to report that things have settled down with Kevin’s door bell. Hopefully the new neighbours car will do the same.


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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!!! You could always get a new bell yourselves...