Sunday, May 21, 2006

How did that get in there

Yesterday we had to go to down to London for a meeting. We had to be in London for 11am and as GNER were yet again doing engineering work, the rail network was a shambles. So we had no option but to fly.

Bleary eyed, well wouldn’t you having got up at 4am… we arrived at Newcastle airport and because of the wonders of the internet didn’t need to check in having already reserved our seated and printed off the boarding cards the night before.

For once we both got straight through the metal detector at the security gates. I usually set them off but that’s what you get when you have a metal hip ! ! !

We weren’t so lucky with John’s bag as there was something inside they didn’t like.

‘Oh it’s probably the stapler. It always looks suspicious’.
‘Not this time, it’s a pair of scissors’.

‘Scissors’, we both cried then tried wracking our brains as to how they could end up in John’s bag.

It turns out that they were a very old pair of kitchen scissors that John kept in his tool bag. They must have fallen out when the bag was last used at Blackpool conference.

The little security man said we couldn’t take them with us, but we could either get a jiffy bag and post them home or check-in John’s bag. Considering the cost of posting them home or the hassle of checking in the bag we decided to leave them at the airport.

Another lethal weapon to add to their collection…


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a possible for any future scandal sheet... :-)