Saturday, May 13, 2006


Regular visitors to our blog will know my mam is a little quirky. Yesterday was a good day.

It started with the milk. As you know she is obsessed about milk and best-before dates. Well, I noticed the coffee was a little creamy (you would just think it had been made with full cream instead of semi-skimmed) and I made the mistake of telling her this.

‘I noticed it started to go off on Monday’, she replied. She only bought it on Saturday and the BBD wasn’t up until 14th May. She was convinced she could taste the deterioration in the milk as each day went by…

As she put the milk back in the fridge I noticed the thermostat was lower than normal so mentioned this as it could have been the cause of the creamy milk.

Bad move. I tried to convince her that the food would be fine as the dial was only down two notches. No doubt her wheelie bin had a good feed that night.

On Monday she asked if she could try on one of the pairs of trousers I was sending back to my catalogue. She was already keeping a black pair in the same style so wondered what the stone one would look like.

Having tried them on, they were too big. She then decided that she might not keep the black pair as she had gone off the idea of wearing them seeing as the stone ones didn’t fit. Don’t ask ! ! !

Then she took both pairs and laid them on top of one another. Even though the black pair fitted perfectly, she was adamant that if they were the same size then the black pair was going back. Again don’t ask ! ! !

Thankfully the black pair was smaller…


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Anonymous said...

My Mum locked herself IN today. Don't ask!!!