Monday, March 12, 2007

First time in living memory ...

... that the internet time service hasn't made a mess of daylight saving.

Let me explain.

At work I use an internet time source (like one of those radio controlled clocks radio stations use, but over the internet instead) to keep the time and attendance system synchronised.

So far so good, but every time the Americans change to or from daylight saving the time from the UK sources changes too. Yes - I know it shouldn't do that because the source is only providing UTC (what the rest od the world call GMT), but it does.

Now this year Mr Bush decided that instead of changing clocks on the first of April they would change on the eleventh of March. And those states that didn't participate (such as Arizona and parts of Delaware) would have to join in too. Something about saving energy.

And much to my surprise, everything worked. As a precaution I turned the time service off over the weekend but this morning the times were correct and I was able to turn it back on again. Now all we have to do is hope that it works when we change our clocks.

So there you are, you sat around all week hoping for a decent blog and you got a techie one instead. Actually it's been really quiet here. Just keeping out heads down and working towards conference at the end of the month. Three weeks and it will be all over.

John (and Marie)

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