Friday, March 02, 2007

Summer is Coming

Really - it must be.

Yesterday was one of those milestones of the calendar. I drove home from work without having to use my lights. Now this may not mean much to our southern readers who have probably had long sunny days since the end of January, but in the North East the days are just a little shorter.

Still it's nice to know it's still light enough to drive at 5:45 pm.

Roll on the proper summer.


ps only 4 weeks to Northampton !!!!


Anonymous said...

4 weeks to lose at least half a stone...nah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to brag, well ok I will, but I've lost half a stone in four weeks ! ! !

However I don't think I'll lose the other half before Northampton.

More like put it back on due to the extra wine consumption in the coming weeks - can't think why...