Friday, March 23, 2007

How the Brethren received the news

Now we have heard how the fourteen Brethren who were to be cast out had been selected and how emissaries had been dispatched bearing the news.

But when the Brethren received the news, they were divided in their opinions. Some heard the news and were content, but some went about saying loudly, “This is not right, for verily we hath booked our places at the Hotel and we should not be cast out to the Ibis. Let some others be cast out in our place”. And some were greatly troubled by this and they didst communicate with Marie and make their wrath known unto her. And Marie was greatly annoyed by this. For verily didst two of the brethren shout at her and also didst they cancel their bookings.

To be continued ...


Anonymous said...

Upset thee not the Customer from Hell for ye know not thy peril.

Paul said...

But surely they whom the brethren would have had cast out, had ALSO booked their rooms? Whoever got cast out would, by definition, be someone who'd booked?

Tossers. We can live without their sort.