Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We’re back

Yes as you can see we’re back from Northampton conference. We had a wonderful weekend. The food was superb, the company fantastic, what more could you ask for…

I’m pleased to say that there were no problems with the ‘Brethren’. More details to follow.

The journey home was slightly longer than we expected. We left the hotel just after 2pm and didn’t arrive home until after 8.30pm. Junctions 26 – 28 of the M1 were closed so we had to find an alternative route and as everyone else had to do the same, the roads were rather busy.

Normal post conference tradition is to go to the Chinese for lunch on the Tuesday. However when we got there they were closed ! ! ! ! ! ! ! For some reason they have decided to close from 2nd – 14th April.

To say we were stunned would be an understatement. We had a look at the other eateries along the seafront but they either didn’t do lunch time openings or we didn’t fancy them. So we went to the Wessington pub instead.

Oh and while we were out I became the proud owner of a blue Nissan Note, taking delivery of it on 1st September…..


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