Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sea View

We’re having a party in a few weeks time, and several of our friends are staying at a guest house close to the sea front. It’s actually next door to the house where I lived when I was five.

As we were in the area yesterday we took a picture so folks can see what it looks like. I would have included Marie in the picture but seeing as she has a lovely black eye we decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. Don't worry - I haven't been hitting her. It's just a cold sore in an unfortunate position ...

We also took a picture of the sea view, but as you can see it was really rather disappointing. Yesterday was a bit foggy. Good job they don’t call it the “Sea View Guesthouse”.

Here’s a picture of the view when it’s not foggy.

Not much else to report from the Bogof household. Just looking forward to seeing everyone next month.


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Anonymous said...

Hope you've got the decent weather on order!