Thursday, April 12, 2007

New car

I mentioned on last week that I had ordered a new Nissan Note.

With the exception of my two mini’s, all the cars I’ve had have been unexpected choices.

The first was the Fiat Punto. I was looking for a car to replace my second mini. I loved my mini but wanted something a little bit bigger. I needed some inspiration so we went down to the Motor show at the NEC. We visited the various stands and there were a couple I liked – can’t remember which ones they were though…

On our way out we had to pass the Fiat stand and as I’d dismissed them completely, hadn’t bothered looking at them first time round. I’m not sure if I wanted a rest for a few minutes* so we ended up sitting inside a Punto. Everything felt right about it – and it was an automatic. I just knew I had to have it.

Three years later and we were back at the NEC looking for a replacement for the Punto. Fiat had brought out a new version of the Punto and as I’d liked the old one was expecting that one to be my next car. It was awful ! ! ! I did take a fancy to the Daihatsu Terios but it wouldn’t fit in my garage…. However I did like the Peugeot 206 so that became car number four.

When I went looking for car number five I needed something bigger than the 206. We were now organising conferences so needed a car with a large boot. Plus because of my dad’s illness I needed a car big enough to fit a wheelchair in. The three on the short list were the Ford Escort and Fusion and the Vauxhall Astra. So what did I get – a Nissan Almera…

So now we come to car number six. The short list for that was the Citroen C4, the Mazda 3 and at a push the Nissan Note. I knew the Mazda and the Note had the boot space we needed but the Mazda was a bit expensive and the Note, well it’s not the most exciting car to look at…

So that just left the Citroen and if I’m honest that was the car I wanted. It had all the necessary boot space and looked very stylish inside. I really wanted to like the car, even if it did take me 10 minutes to find a comfortable seating position, but there was something not right about it. Reluctantly it was crossed off the list.

As the Citroen dealer is just opposite Nissan we thought we may as well have a quick look at the Note to discount it completely. The boot space was huge, much bigger than all the others. It had more toys than the Citroen and it only took me a couple of clicks and I got the seating position perfect. I had found my next car.

Ok there was one small thing that could have been a deal breaker – they don’t do the colour green… I alternate between blue and green cars and this one should have been green.

Cars seven and eight will have to be green ! ! ! !


* anyone who have been to the NEC will know there aren’t a lot of seats

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