Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It’s Bloggers fault

I said on Sunday I’d let you know on Monday how the patients are in the Harper hospital. I did try – honestly but blogger has been so slow for the past couple of days that it keeps timing itself out.

Anyway here’s what I wrote on Monday and Tuesday.

Today John was over the worse. He was still feeling a little under the weather but was much better than Sunday. I on the other hand feel terrible.

I started off the day ok then gradually went down hill. To make things worse my pains have decided to come out in sympathy too…

Well, I’m feeling how John was yesterday though my throat is still a little sore and I’ve now got a cold.

I do however wish someone though will tell my pains I’m feeling better ! ! !

Now for today:
We’re both keeping each other wake at night coughing and sneezing and going through a nation of hankies.

I’m starting to look like Rudolph as my nose is constantly smothered in Vaseline to try and stop cold sores from appearing.

So there you have it. Bang up-to-date. Was it worth waiting for – I doubt it ! ! !


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I shall just be thankful there are no accompanying photos...!

Hope you are both feeling better soon xx