Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The best laid plans

About two weeks ago ‘Barbi’ from Silversea rang to say that next years cruise details had been published.

Saturday was the first chance we had to do some serious looking and one in particular stood out. ‘Barcelona to Rome’ on 29th May 2008 and one of the places it was calling off at was Malta.

They also have a page of special deals for this year and one of them ‘Rome to Monaco’ on 8th June was just too tempting not to do anything about.

On the cruise last year one of the passengers mentioned a couple of cruise companies which specialise in late bookings so I checked out their websites.

Literally less than 10 seconds after I’d pressed submit on the email enquiry form, ‘Helen’ rang me. She needed to contact Silversea so would get back to me on Tuesday.

On Tuesday after several phone calls from Helen and to BA, our cruise was looking very unlikely. To cut a very long story short, BA have stopped flying from Newcastle to Gatwick so this has caused us no end of problems.

Helen, bless her, tried every way possible to get us flights using other airlines or from flying from Heathrow but unfortunately she couldn’t find anything that fitted in with the ships timetable. So rather disappointingly we shall not be going cruising on 8th June.

However I can tell you that after several phone calls and email again from Helen, she has got us a great deal for the cruise on 29th May 2008.

Malta here we come…


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