Sunday, April 08, 2007

The forgotten city

On Friday night when we went to get our Chinese takeaway we found part of Sea Road was closed due to a fire in one of the buildings.

We couldn’t see which building was on fire but as there were nine fire engines we guessed it must be the chip shop.

Yesterday morning we decided to be nosy so took the long way round to the post office. Sure enough it was the chip shop. The whole building, including the flat above were completely destroyed and the other premises in the block were closed due to smoke damage. There was a ‘lovely’ smell of burnt timber and fat hanging round the street.

It turns out that the fire was started by the hot fat and customers and staff had to flee the building. It was the front page and pages two and three of the Sunderland Echo.

However it never made it onto the local news or teletex. You see Sunderland, even though it’s the biggest city in the North East which does surprise a lot of people, always gets forgotten about. Had the fire started in Newcastle, that would have been a different matter.

It really does annoy us. There’s more to life in the North East then just the Tyne….


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