Sunday, August 31, 2008

New kitchen – day nine

Day nine. 9.30am. The Housemates decide to have an extra hour in bed so are having breakfast.

10.30am. Housemate Marie is busy tiling while Housemate John is working on the Belfast sink unit.

12pm. Housemate Marie asks if electric sockets are really necessary as she is having real problems tiling round them. Housemate John replies yes.

1.30pm. Housemate John is finishing fastening the Belfast sink unit to the wall. He is a little perplexed as the installation manual appears to have the sink lower down than is required.

Housemate John checked the dimensions of the sink then the dimensions in the manual. It would seem that the manual has printed the dimensions of the sink as 2 ½ inches shorter than it really is . Housemate John expresses exactly what he thinks of the person who wrote the installation manual…

5pm. Housemate John has installed the dishwasher. Housemate Marie gives out a loud cheer…

6.30pm. The Housemate pack up for the night.

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