Friday, August 29, 2008

New kitchen – day seven

Day 7. 9.30am. Housemate John sets to work on grouting the tiles above the wall units. Housemate Marie can only watch as she’s not good on ladders, and anyway she wouldn’t be able to reach as she’s not very tall…

Housemate Marie was though able to help Housemate John construct the Belfast sink unit. The Housemates have had to redesign the unit as they wanted a Belfast sink but Wicks didn’t do a Belfast sink unit in the range they chose.

1.30pm. Housemate John cleans the tiles as the grout has now dried.

3pm. The Housemates set to work attaching the corner base unit and the pulley-out cabinet base unit together and to the wall.

4pm. Housemate John starts work on the plumbing for the Belfast sink. He makes lots of noise and mess as he has to drill right though the kitchen wall to the yarden. The Housemates call it a night as they have to go shopping for food supplies at Morrisons then get the Chinese take-a-way.

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