Monday, September 28, 2009

One small step for Marie ...

... and one giant leap on the journey home.

Marie continues to do well but on Saturday the physiotherapists tried to get her walking but were unsuccessful. As you can imagine this left us a little deflated, but they don't give up so easily so on Sunday they returned with a better walking frame. One with wheels and aero bars. Success !!!

Marie was able to walk from her chair out to the middle of the corridor and back, a distance of about forty feet. She was exhausted by the effort. I was worn out just watching.

To say we were all pleased was an understatement. If there's so much improvement in one day, what might we be seeing by the end of the week. Latest news about coming home is "seven to ten days, assuming blood tests show the infection has gone".

So here's hoping.


Jennysmith said...

Yes, John, will keep fingers crossed for Marie.

Must be a hard effort to get across the room. I feel for her. She has been through so much.

Please send her my love and tell
her that Ive "visited" her. xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Marie's doing so well, she's one tough cookie! And I'm pleased she has a picture of Harry to keep her company :o)