Friday, October 02, 2009


At last – Marie is rid of the line in her neck (cvc or central venous catheter if you want to be correct). It was very uncomfortable and made resting difficult. It also meant that she was hooked up to antibiotics for several hours, usually late at night or early morning.

After an episode that was worthy of Kafka where one specialist wanted the line out because it was a risk if infection while the other wanted it in because they were still administering anti-clotting drugs which prevented removal, the consultant put his foot down. “It’s coming out today” her thundered. And when a consultant does this, people jump.

So at last it’s out and Marie is on oral antibiotics. Ones that turn your wee red, and if you wear contact lenses it will turn them red too.

Now that the lines are out, there’s more time for physio and Marie can walk with a frame and is allowed out in the ward without the physio provided someone walks with her.

Now it’s just a question of convincing the O.T. that she’s safe to be let out.


Jennysmith said...

sorry to come on here so late. That is good news.

Do you know I was just watching that Getting On with Jo Brand and your post about conflicting staff was very close to this black comedy. They can't even sort themselves out!

Bless her, give Marie my love xx

Anonymous said...

Doncha just lurve the NHS??!! Glad to read Marie's making good progress, give her our love :o)