Sunday, October 18, 2009

D-Day Monday

On Monday the Consultant will decide whether to leave Marie's wound to fix itself, or whether to go in and give it what he calls a "proper wash-out". Ant it's looking like the latter is the more likely course. The wound is still bleeding, but just a little. This is fine except that by yesterday the original site had healed, but it was bleeding from a slightly different place.

On the positive side, Marie has a new little friend. Thanks to Jenny and Chris, a package arrived the other day, with this little fellow.

Marie reckons his name is Frank, because he has blue eyes. He's cheered Marie up no end, so many many thanks.



Jennysmith said...

Ooh I love Marie's new friend. Lovely picture of her. My wishes are with her xxx

Anonymous said...

Tell her if she stays in any longer, I'm sending her the real thing... ;o)