Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost, but not quite

On Friday the doctor told Marie that if her wound stayed dry for 48 hours, then she could go home on Monday.

So what happened. It stayed dry all day Friday, then started weeping on Saturday morning. Actually it started with quite a gush. It's clean blood coming out, no pus or other unpleasantness, but still enough to delay things.

Today things were a little better with very little coming out, but still enough to keep her in. The Consultant will be round in the morning so we'll see what he says then.



Jennysmith said...

Poor Marie, she must be very disappointed. Fingers crossed - eh? Love to her and you xxxx

Anonymous said...

What we need is an obliging little Dutch boy...

Poor Marie, give her our love and tell her to just put up with cute male nurses and doctors (if there are any) for just a leetle bit longer!

Jenny x