Friday, September 25, 2009


Marie has now had her operation and sends a big "Thank You" to everyone for their good wishes. The operation went well, and Marie is doing fine. She spent a night in the ICCU which was wonderful. One nurse per two patients and no waiting for anything. Then back to the ward the following afternoon.

As you might expect she is tired and in need to sleep. She's also still attached to
a lot of tubes and wires which will hopefully be coming out soon.

Next on the agenda is a visit from the physiotherapist to see how much movement she currently has, and to see the best way to get mobile again. Then a visit from the dietician as the awful hospital food isn't great.



Jennysmith said...

So glad it went well for Marie, have been thinking about her. And at least thats the biggest hurdle over with - I think.

Once again, please give her my love. I wished I lived nearer, I'd come and visit her (would have to nip out for a fag tho') xxxx

Anonymous said...

F & B, I go out of circulation for a few weeks...I had no idea, John please give Marie our love and a hug. Does she have phone / email in her room? Could you email or text me the info if she does?

Jenny x