Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baby it’s cold outside ! ! !

We had our very first frost of the winter today. It must have been really cold as we live less than 800 yards from sea so don’t normally get much frost due to the salt in the air.

I’m pleased to report that the washing machine is fixed. The repair man came on Tuesday (a day earlier than expected….) and it turned out that a couple of the weights had come loose.

Still no replacement wheelie bin.

The new neighbours (or should I say their workmen) are getting on my nerves a little. I don’t mind all the banging, that’s to be expected when you get a new house. It’s their loud music. Even teenagers would ask them to turn it down.

I decided if you can’t beat them, join them so out came my Runrig CD’s. That got them to turn it down…..

That’s all for now.



Paul said...

Runrig? Oh dear!

I saw them in 1988 when they were supporting Chris de Burgh - they were rubbish. I'm informed they got a lot better just after that, but I was so scarred by the experience I haven't been brave enough to risk it again :-(

Marie and John said...

That was the year I saw them. Whitley Bay Ice Rink to be precise.

Only I didn't think they were rubbish. I thought they were brill... I'll bring my CD's to Jan's party to scare you.

Don't you dare not turn up ! ! !