Monday, November 07, 2005

Have you missed me

Haven’t Blogged for a couple of days as there hasn’t really been much to report.

On Saturday we went Christmas shopping to the Metro Centre. Decided to get up early (well early for us anyway) and get there for opening time at 10am.

What we hadn’t realised was they now open at 9am so got stuck in a rather long queue of cars trying to get into the car park. Great start….

However once inside the place was reasonably quiet so we managed to get all our shopping done by 1pm. Yes I even bought something for my mam ! ! ! ! ! !

Sunday got off to a great start with an phone call from our friends Jan and Andy inviting us to their New Years Eve party. Then it went down hill as my pains started acting up.

Today the most exciting thing I did was go to B&Q for a couple of tins of paint. We’re still busy painting the living and dining rooms and have been since September. Can’t you tell we love decorating… Don’t mind other bits of DIY like making things but decorating no.

We’ve set ourselves a challenge. The rooms must be finished before 10th December as that’s when we’re putting the Christmas tree up.


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