Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Miracles do happen

I had my mam on the phone this afternoon. Nothing unusual about that, other than she was bored.

She’s bought some fabric to make curtains for her bedroom but won’t make the first cut in case she makes a mistake. So I’ve got to do the ceremonial first cut on Friday and if they’re wrong then I get the blame and not her….

The conversation then went to ‘do I (meaning me) still want to go to the Metro Centre on Friday’, which really means ‘I’ve (mam) changed my mind. I fancy going somewhere else instead’. The somewhere else is Sainsburys. Not the most exciting of places to visit but at least it’ll keep John happy as I always buy him donuts whenever I’m there. They do the best and cheapest ones around, 12p each ! ! !

Anyway, while we were chatting the subject of Christmas came up. Since my dad died I tread very carefully mentioning the word as it still upsets her. However she’s actually mentioned something she’d like for Christmas ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

She would like some craft books, preferably on patchworking and quilting.

I have a feeling Amazon is going to get a hammering very shortly…..


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Anonymous said...

Hurrah for Christmas miracles!