Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We've Bin Robbed

It's true. We put our wheelie bin out the Thursday before last and it's gone. Some miscreant stole it. What was it Paul said about a horse and four piles of bricks.

And it gets worse. Marie called the council to see if we could have another one. No problem they said. Take about seven to ten working days. That was twelve working days ago.

It would seem that there isn't a spare wheelie bin anywhere in the entire City of Sunderland.

At the moment every available piece of land in Sunderland is sprouting houses. Here's a tip. Don't buy one. You won't be getting a bin.


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Anonymous said...

We thought our recyclying bin had been pinched the other week, but it turns out someone took into their garden by mistake. It now has a great big "45" painted on it! We requested another form the council (before it turned up) and have since donated it to our neighbours! Should have kept it for you!