Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to normal

Things in the BOGOF household are slowly getting back to normal following the new kitchen and the frantic finishing off before our party at the weekend. And yes we are still suffering the aches and pains…

Monday (8th) was spent, with my mam who had very kindly offered her help, giving the new kitchen a good clean. We had the huge task of bringing everything that we’d put in storage from the old kitchen, into the new kitchen. I still can’t find anything ! ! ! Once that was done we then tackled cleaning the downstairs.

Tuesday (9th). My 40th birthday - which was spent doing housework, then having a long soak in the bath to ease the aches and pains. Is it really all down hill when you reach 40…

The birthday bunny was extremely generous. I got loads of books and DVD’s. Can’t wait to try the sing-a-long triple DVD box set of ‘The Young One’s, Summer Holiday and It’s a Wonderful life’. My main present from the birthday bunny was a clarinet. I used to play it at school and really enjoyed it so thought now was a good time to rekindle my youth ! ! !

Wednesday and Thursday (10th/11th) was spent catching up on things which had been put to one side while we were fitting the kitchen. Even got to try my clarinet. I’m a bit rusty but managed never the less to get a note or two out of it…

Friday (12th). Instead of going to the childminders*, the childminder came to ours. John took a half day off work so we could all get the house ready for tomorrows party.

Saturday (13th). My 40th birthday party. It was a lovely day and thanks to everyone for coming, especially those who had to travel long distances to get there. I was really touched by my present/s so thank you again.

Sunday (14th). We held yet another party. This time it was a Turkey and Tinsel lunch time party. It was all Jan’s fault. She mentioned a while ago that we never get to go out for a Christmas meal so we decided to hold a turkey and tinsel party.

There was a turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas pudding, mince pies, crackers, Christmas music – and even presents.

I wonder what theme our party will have next year. We are threatening to hold a Eurovision party ! ! !


*my mams


Jennysmith said...

happy birthday Marie. Glad you had a lovely time.

I remember my own. I had a new born baby (late starter) so was just grateful for a sleep and a chinese takeaway.

This year I'm looking at 50 and am going to have a big bash to compensate for missing out a decade ago.

Hope people are generous to me as they have been to you.

Anonymous said...

Eurovision? Noooooooooo!