Monday, September 29, 2008

It’s knee good

My right knee is giving me quite a bit of grief. It’s pretty swollen, aches constantly like a really bad toothache and the muscles are extremely painful.

Normally my aches and pains usually settle down but as this has been going on for four weeks, I thought it best to go and get it checked out.

Which is what I did this afternoon. The good news is I haven’t damaged the ligaments, the bad news is the doctor doesn’t know what the problem is so is referring me as an urgent case to see a knee specialist.

He’s prescribed me some painkillers and said I should get an appointment to see the specialist within the next four weeks. Non-urgent cases have to wait at least six months so it’s not as bad as it could have been.

The doctor did ask if I could think of anything that could have caused the problem. I said we have been fitting a new kitchen. He replied that we were brave to attempt such a project and hoped it was worth it. Not having to do wash the dishes – you bet it was worth it ! ! ! !


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Jennysmith said...

Poor Marie, so sorry to hear about your knee. Knees are terrible things to injure, if you see what i mean.

Yes, the new kitchen was worth it really.

I hope your suffering eases
love xx