Sunday, September 21, 2008


I’m afraid the phantom doorbell is no more.

We usually take no notice of it when it rings and it can be quite a party piece when we have guests.

However it’s been misbehaving. Instead of ringing once, it’s started to ring every three minutes, and this is even when there are no cars around to set it off.

After an hour of the Westminster chimes it does start to get on your nerves a little. It’ll then have a break and start up again a couple of hours later.

We decided enough was enough so sadly took the decision to have it exorcised – or rather take the batteries out and buy a new one.

This afternoon while we were in B&Q we bought a replacement. We are slightly worried though in case the exorcism hasn’t worked and the phantom doorbell ghost takes up residents again.

Having the Westminster chimes go off is fine, having to put with ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’, ‘it’s a small world’ or worse an electric dog barking that sounds more like someone sawing wood – no way ! ! !



Jennysmith said...

Gosh Marie that sounds dead spooky! I'm amazed you put up with it as long as you did!

Reminds me when I read that book The Tenant where a bloke took over a bedsit from someone who jumped out of the window. There was an occasional knock and when he opened the door, no-one was there!!

Blimey thats spooked me now!

haven't been in a B&Q for ages!!

love JS xxx

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of what I know has become a real part of your house. Please dont have 'its a small world' as your new tune, that is not possible to survive.