Sunday, September 07, 2008

New kitchen – day 16

Day 16. 9.30am. The Housemates are still in bed… As this is the final day of the kitchen fitting they decided to have a bit of a lie in.

11.30am. The Housemates having been to B&Q for some bits and pieces set to work on finishing off the pelmet.

12.30pm. The Housemates make a start on the putting together the remainder of the drawers. They stop to have lunch and watch the start of the Grand Prix.

2.15pm. Having fitted the drawers, the Housemates then start building the dresser unit. The Housemates finish attaching the front to the pulley-out unit.

4.45pm. The Housemates fit the final end panel.

5.15pm. Housemate John tries to fit the sink waste pipe to the Belfast sink but it won’t grip. Housemate John say’s ‘oh dear’…. Housemate John gets to work on fitting some of the decorative stripping while Housemates Marie finishes off the grouting.

6.45pm. The Housemates bring back into the kitchen the dresser. The Housemates start clearing up the kitchen.

7.45pm. Other than a couple of cosmetic bits and pieces to do, the Housemates have finished the kitchen…

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Anonymous said...

Well done Housemates!! :-)