Sunday, June 24, 2012

Corsica to the left, Sardinia to the right

We're at sea today so this mornings veranda view isn't terribly exciting. The little dot on the horizon is a tanker, seen end-on.

Things got a little more exciting just after lunch (just a hot dog and fries from the poolside grill, since you asked) when we passed through the Straits of Bonifacio between Corsica and Sardinia. The gap looks to be five miles or more so I'm afraid you will have to look hard to spot the land.

We did our watching from the newly installed observation lounge which is at the front of the ship, above the bridge.

In other news Marie visited the spa yesterday for a manicure and tonight we're dining with our neighbours, at the outdoor restaurant. This is called the Hot Rock and they really do give you a large, flat, very hot stone and cook your meal right in front of you.

More news tomorrow when we reach Sorrento.

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