Friday, June 29, 2012

Hvar Hvar Hvar

We're anchored off the island of Hvar which is off the mainland of Croatia. Hvar appears to be the holiday resort of the area. This is today's Veranda View.

Last night we finally found out how you pronounce Hvar. You say it just as it's spelled except that you do so with a kind of Daffy Duck lisp.

We didn't go ashore, preferring to stay on board instead. Quite honestly there isn't a lot to see on the island. The main attraction for cruise ships are things like off-roading, sea kayaking and snorkeling. It was also very hot, reaching 102 degrees at lunchtime. So we sat by the pool this morning and sat on our veranda drinking champagne this afternoon. I know, it's hard.

Funny thing this morning, we went out on deck and found the pool had a slope to it. Ideal for water skiing.

Tonight is the Captains farewell party. Actually we've another full day and night to go but this is a formal event so we have it before everyone has packed.

Off for a shower now, but look out for the final blog from Venice tomorrow.

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