Friday, June 22, 2012

Heathrow 0, Barcelona 1

When you disembark from an aircraft have you noticed that travelers with children have their buggies brought from the hold ready to use. It's supposed to happen that way with wheelchairs but our experience is that it doesn't happen. Yesterday at Heathrow we were told that Wizzy, Marie's wheelchair would be waiting, but there was no loader available to get it so “to save time” we would have to collect it from the baggage claim area. So, we spent 20 minutes being taken in a Heathrow wheelchair then waited another 30 before we were finally reunited with Wizzy.

Today at Barcelona was a different story. We always wait until last before we disembark, and as we left, there was Wizzy, waiting for us. So why oh why can't Heathrow get it right.

On the plus side, WE'VE ARRIVED. We're on the ship, meeting old friends, and I mean the crew, from previous cruises.

The cruise terminal at Barcelona is a busy place. There are at least six ships in. We're next to the P & O ship, Adonia.

It's just after four so I must dash. Lifeboat drill and safety lecture at five, then cocktails on the pool deck at six as we set sail.

More tomorrow.


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