Saturday, December 16, 2006

Everything comes to those who wait

Yesterday whilst I was at my mams, she announced that she wanted to get a mobile phone and also to get connected to the internet in the new year.

We wanted to get her a mobile last Christmas but we were told rather bluntly that it would be a waste of money as it would be kept in it’s box, in a drawer. As for the internet we offered to sort it out for her before we went on our cruise so we could keep in touch via email. Again we were told no.

However my mam has a habit of changing her mind so it didn’t come as no surprise.

So I spent the next hour showing her how to send a text message on my mobile. Thanks Jenny for your help. As I put in a text to Jenny, I needed a hammer…

I then spent another hour trying to explain the difference between dial up and broadband and what web pages and downloads were.

I have a feeling the next few months are not going to be easy…


PS for lunch yesterday she made chicken and salad wraps. Guess what she asked me – yes did I want any tomatoes on it…. You’d think after all the years of me telling her I don’t like them, she’d finally remember.

She then wiped the knife after cutting the cucumber.
‘Why did you do that’, I asked.
‘Because John doesn’t like cucumber’.

I was not amused because
a) She can remember that John doesn’t like cucumber but can’t with me and tomatoes.
b) He wasn’t even there ! ! ! ! ! !

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Anonymous said...

Glad to be of assistance - we bought Mum a mobile a couple of years ago, it's still in its box here because I am rubbish and keep forgetting to get it set up for her. Maybe this year...