Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Virtual dinner party

The other day we were discussing who we’d each have as guests at a virtual dinner party. The only rule was we were not allowed to invite family or friends - past or present - other than each other.

So here are my 10 dinner party guests (and why).

1: Myself

2: John

3: Bing Crosby
The star of my number one and three all time favourite films


5: Mrs Beeton
A legend in cookery and household management

6: Oscar Levant
Concert pianist, composer, actor and friend of the Gershwins

7: John McEnroe
My number second favourite tennis player (sorry Lendl, you’re my favourite but you’d be too boring…)

8: Marguerite Patten
The Home Economist who advised women on cookery in WWII

9: Michael Palin
Great travel writer and broadcaster

10: Captain Bligh
Captain of the ‘Mutiny of the Bounty’

As I’d be cooking the dinner myself this is what I’ve chosen

1st Course: Wild mushroom filo tartlets
2nd Course: Roast duck and vegetables (but not too many)…
3rd Course: Chocolate fondant pudding



Paul said...

Any salad?

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name's Mrs Beeton. Can I have my chocolate fondant pudding now please?