Saturday, December 30, 2006

A narrow escape

I’m a member of two on-line forums, one for IBS sufferers and the other for sewing.

I’ve only just joined the IBS forum and was having a little trouble putting a photo on my profile*, so asked one of moderators for help. Within the hour it was there and she couldn’t have been more helpful.

The sewing forum has recently revamped it’s website and as a result the date of birth on my profile has somehow changed. As there was a note saying that the administrator is the only person who can make this change, I emailed them yesterday and asked if they would be so kind as to correct it.

When I checked my mail this evening there were two mails from the said administrator. The first one was a rather blunt and snotty reply saying it was my responsibly to make that change, and was I incapable of doing it myself.

The second mail, which arrived two hours later and again in a blunt manner, said that they had checked the information on the members profiles and as I was unable to make the change myself, they had done it for me.

The administrator had a narrow escape for had it been any night other than a Friday**, I would have been at my computer when their first email arrived and they would have felt the wroth of the Customer from Hell ! ! !

As we’re going to Jenny’s New Years Eve party (yippee….) this will be the last blog for 2006. From John and myself, we wish you a very happy and peaceful New Year.


* They want the forum to be as friendly as possible, hence the photograph.

** Friday night is Chinese and bottle of wine night.

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