Sunday, December 24, 2006

A horse on four piles of bricks

A while ago (2005 HBA Autumn conference to be precise) Paul was telling us about a particularly rough area he had to visit. I suggested that it might be the sort of place where you could leave a horse unattended and come back to find it on four piles of bricks.

I’m now beginning to think he was referring to our area.

Some of you will already know about the “scavengers” who scour the back lanes for anything that isn’t bolted down. Well yesterday they excelled themselves.

During the afternoon two men emerged from the backyard of a house round the corner from ours and deposited two sofas in the back lane. Fair enough at any other time. It’s what you have to if you want the council to take things away. But a Saturday afternoon, two days before Christmas.

By nine o’clock the local kids had pulled one across the back lane, blocking it to traffic. We looked out before going to bed at eleven, and both had vanished !!!

Nine or ten o’clock on a Saturday night, two days before Christmas and they’ve got nothing better to do than patrol the back lanes looking for something to scavenge.

We’ve seen things vanish before but never at this time. We once arranged for the council to collect an old cooker. I duly put it out, but before the council could come, we heard the sound of it being dragged away. We did the same with the old central heating boiler. This time it went bit by bit. Someone was making repeated visits with a spanner and taking away as much as they could carry.

Really it’s a bit worrying, strangers out there in the dead of night – or even the middle of the day.

OK, rant over. Good news. The new kitchen doors are fitted. Photograph to follow in the next few days. The kitchen is a bit busy at the moment.

And finally, from both of us to all of you, Merry Christmas

John & Marie

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